3 Dogs and an RV Comment on the DEF Head Failures that Continue to Plague the RV Industry

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C., July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Diesel emissions regulations continue to be a sensitive topic in the luxury RV marketplace. In recent years, the EPA has tightened its diesel exhaust standards for diesel-powered motorhomes and other diesel vehicles, this has meant changes to their exhaust systems to comply with the new regulations.

Stuart Crawford, an MSP Marketing professional with Ulistic LP and a full-time YouTuber with 3 Dogs and an RV, says, "DEF failures are a big concern as an owner of a 2017 motorcoach. There is a sense of anxiety every time we start our coach and dread what would happen if I was next on the list of the dreaded DEF head failure."

Bradley Twait at The Motorcoach Store¬†in Bradenton, FL shares many of the same concerns as Crawford, "These sensors showed up mainly in the 2017 model year coaches. The sensor was originally designed to sense the level of DEF in the tank, but in 2016, the EPA mandated that new sensor designs were required that also detected the concentration level of DEF to ensure that owners weren’t diluting their DEF with water and rendering the emissions system ineffective."

Sensors began to fail rapidly, especially DEF sensors mounted on Spartan chassis had the most failures. Upon inspection, it was determined that the cause was heat-related. The sensors were located near the engine’s exhaust system, and hot engine coolant constantly circulated through the DEF head.

The RV Community To The Rescue

Robert Gianinni, an avid RVer, and owner of Fort Lauderdale IT services company, GiaSpace shares, "RV owners are a resourceful bunch. When faced with the problem of being unable to find a DEF sensor simulator on the market, a few simply took the initiative and developed the software to create one. This was an essential tool for those who wanted to be able to use their RV without having to worry about the consequences of not having a DEF sensor."

A DEF head simulator allows the RV owner to input data about their vehicles and simulates what would happen if they did not have a DEF sensor.

Crawford says "This is a valuable tool for those who wanted to use their RV without worry. Thanks to the resourcefulness of a few RV owners, the simulator was developed and is now available for anyone who requires one." Simulators are available by contacting the 3 Dogs and an RV YouTube channel owners.

The DEF sensor simulator is a small electronic device used to communicate with the ECM in place of a faulty DEF sensor. You simply unplug the four-conductor harness from the DEF sensor and connect it to the simulator.

The simulator will then send the correct signal to the RV, allowing the RV to operate normally. Crawford recommends RV owners when deploying the DEF head simulator continuously check DEF Fluid levels as the simulator will show normal readings and levels on the Motorcoach instrument panel.

In conclusion, the DEF sensor simulator is an easy-to-use and effective way to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

While it is illegal to tamper with a vehicle’s emissions system to bypass the DEF system, this simulator does not disable the emission controls. Therefore, it is legal to use.

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